5 Best CrossFit shoes & Accessories for Men & Women

best CrossFit shoes

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to buy CrossFit training shoes for yourself especially when you’re not having an idea about what you should look for when you’re buying. There are many factors you should keep eye on while choosing right and best CrossFit shoes. This Review guide will make buying easy for you if you’re buying CrossFit shoes for the first time in your life.

Why should you buy CrossFit shoes?

People usually ask this question and many use running shoes for CrossFit training also. But when you compare the structure of both CrossFit shoes and the running shoes, you’ll get why not I should be using running shoes as CrossFit sneakers.

However, if you use CrossFit shoes for running you can, that the advantage of them.

Running shoes are flexible, have a lighter impact and keep you comfortable. On the other hand, Best CrossFit shoes would not just help in running but also give support to your feet while lifting.

Few other reasons to buy CrossFit training shoes:

  • Best CrossFit shoes guarantee to prevent you from injury better than other types of shoes.
  • They are always comfortable.
  • Most shoes would not offer you support during heavy lifting like CrossFit training shoes do.

On what basis we made “Best CrossFit Shoes” List

If you’re buying shoes, these must be exceptional at some properties because of which you would love them. Obviously, you would love if they are durable, comfortable, give protection and support and work good for running and weight lifting both. Did you get it? We analyzed these properties.

1. Best CrossFit shoes are Durable.

Durability is the most important factor and every buyer should consider it before buying CrossFit shoes. It makes sure that the manufacturing process was reliable and high-quality material was used in the construction.

2. CrossFit training shoes are comfortable.

A number of the problem may arise if your CrossFit shoes aren’t comfortable. It may lead to aches and pain and sometimes even inflammation on some part of your feet.

3. Best CrossFit sneakers would protect you.

The CrossFit workout requires shoes that can protect feet from all strains and stresses. Without best CrossFit shoes, you may get sprains or other injuries to your feet.

4. CrossFit shoes give support.

During CrossFit workout, your body and feet go through a number of movements, for better support Best CrossFit sneaker are necessary. They absorb all the movement that feet go through. Without competent CrossFit training sneakers, it would not be possible.

5.  CrossFit shoes are best for weightlifting.

Weight lifting is a part of the CrossFit exercise and Best CrossFit sneakers allow this do. Also, Awesome CrossFit Shoes absorb the movement variation with ease when you’re lifting heavy weight.

6. Best CrossFit shoes are great for running.

The CrossFit training shoes must be flexible during long runs. Unlike other shoes, it should not be causing blisters.

Top 5 Best CrossFit Shoes for Men and women:

1. Nike metcon 3 CrossFit shoes


Why are these ultimate training shoes? Basically, it is because you can do almost anything in them. Starting With the traction itself, it has interesting tread pattern but the great thing about this is the dual-density rubber in the forefoot that is sticky Meanwhile in heel it has got a very firm rubber.

With these particular shoes, you are going to get flex and natural mobility but you’re going to get tons of stability at the same time along with great traction.

However, they don’t do well on basketball line.


If you’re willing to buy from some store then you should try one or more pair if they are fit before buying. While if you already have tried one, and you know what size fits best to your feet, you’re good to go online.


Nike metcon 3 is very responsive, it really deserves the best CrossFit shoe award. Better power delivery, awesome for squatting, stability is greater than any other shoes, and this time I would not talk about its performance in weight lifting and running for what they are made actually.


Why spend more if you can get other shoes nearly on half of Nike metcon 3? Well! They are actually durable and best performing on every field and I assure you that you’re gonna love it if you go for it.

Moreover, Nike metcon gives nice grip while climbing the rope.

2. Adidas powerlift 3

  • Adidas powerlift 3 ranked highest among the men’s best CrossFit Shoes in performance on heavy weight lifting metric.
  • It is a decent choice for long runs while it may be “best CrossFit shoe” for short runs, as it is impressive in transferring power for accelerating during sprints.
  • It is awesome in providing support when you’re applying force at different angles during CrossFit training. It even shows its usefulness while landing from jumps whether from box jump, bar or from the rings.
  • Thick upper part is Adidas powerlift is thick due to which it is protective during CrossFit rope climbing.
  • It has the sensitivity that is required for weightlifting shoe, and also for jumping and landing.
  • Powerlift 3 lacks ventilation as compared to other shoes best for CrossFit. It means it would not be a good option for a long workout in the hot and dry environment.
  • It may not be as much comfortable as others CrossFit shoes on this list.
  • If you’re needing shoes for weightlifting, squatting or any other exercise where you need an elevated heel, don’t forget Adidas powerlift.
  • $90 with all features for CrossFit training.

3. No Bull trainers

  • If you’re having a busy lifestyle and need best shoes to wear all the day, may be you do some workout too, “No bull trainer” is the best
  • It ranked high for best performance at gym and gives comfort even if you use Bull trainer at work.
  • Bull trainer is good for moderate loads, unlike other CrossFit shoes.
  • The main complaint against bull trainer is its toe curls and it is also less rigid, which may give detraction from stability when lifting heavy and moving at different angles quickly.
  • Bull trainer has shock absorbing heel that makes it great for long runs. Moreover, it provides power transfer during sprints and is quite supportive in changing direction during running.
  • Lacing system, upper part, and inner side make fine and supportive adjustments with the feet.
  • Bull trainer is protective because of the use of coated fabrics on its entire upper surface, making it abrasion resistant, even during rope climbing it does not appear any rope damage.
  • The sensitivity of these Shoes is due to its stable heel that actually blocks the ground feel.
  • It provides comfort as well as protection during all the movements in lifting heavy weights while still providing an ideal
  • Moreover, the bull trainer is the best CrossFit shoes with a stylish look, athletic features and are fit for urban and suburban life.

4. Reebok Nano 7:

  • Reebok Nano 7 performs great during heavy weight lifting, which makes these Shoes best for CrossFit. The slightly elevated heel makes it more stable during squatting.
  • While not the best for running, still it gives excellent power transfer during sprints. However, for long runs, it may be a little uncomfortable.
  • These shoes are supportive under pulling movements and other CrossFit training exercises, but it does not help in changing direction while running, unlike other best CrossFit shoes.
  • Reebok Nano has a tough upper part that makes it protective against scuffs.
  • The toe box allows breathability, but it may trap some heat in hot conditions.
  • Reebok Nano 7 is not comfortable as much as No bull trainer.
  • If you’re needing shoes for CrossFit training and for short runs, it a reasonable choice.
  • Price is similar to the other shoes best for CrossFit.

5. Adidas Crazypower TR:

  • Adidas CrazyPower TR is shoes for hard workouts as lifting heavy loads. The wide and flat sole provide adequate stability while moving under heavy weight.
  • Like other best CrossFit shoes, it gives acceleration during sprints. However, these are less comfortable as compared to the shoes with a stable
  • Being supportive, CrazyPower allows lifting with ease.
  • Shoes have got tough outer layer consisting of leather and fabrics, making it avoid abrasions and impacts. It also gives better grip on CrossFit rope.
  • Addidas Crazypower is less breathable and lacks ventilation which makes it a great choice for very cold conditions.
  • These are one of the more comfortable CrossFit shoes in this list.


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