8 Disadvantages of home health care

disadvantages of home health care service

Despite all the advantages, there are some disadvantages of home health care service too.

1. Lack of emergency resources:

In the hospital, patients can have access to a larger team of professionals in an emergency situation. On the other hand, those using home health care service may wait for the help to come, which can result in death or some serious medical complications.

2. Non-Accommodating setting:

The most hospitals provide settings that are specially designed for the patients to live in there with ease. For example, handrails, ramps, seats in showers, support bars, good lightening, and clean and wide walkways etc. While it is difficult to make a home safe, it could be timely and costly.

Most home usually is not equipped to meet the needs of older adults who have medical problems or struggle while walking. While getting home health care service in the home which is not modified according to the patient needs could be risky.

3. People are not around 24/7:

Sometimes, patients have to live in care worker for getting extra care, or they need to have extra home health care service.

4. Different staff:

When there is a shortage of staff or they are on holiday, different staff may be used which does not provide consistent care.

5. Geographical limits:

The service of your choice may be limited in the area you’re living in.

Other disadvantages of home health care:

  1. Some health care staff may not know how to deal with the needs of the aging citizen, where the feeling of guilt can occur in both staff and the patient.
  2. Another disadvantage of home health care is that most seniors disagree to do modification in their home, and so, many would have to climb the stairs, which can lead to medical complications.
  3. For many seniors, the hospital is fit according to their needs.

Disadvantages of employing a personal assistant:

You have the option to employ a personal assistant or helper but there are some issues to consider:

  1. There is a lot to think about before you employ a personal assistant, for example, contract, pay and ensuring that they are doing their job.
  2. Individual personal assistant is not registered to any agency, it means there is no national body to have a check upon them.
  3. Instead of employing personal assistant it is better to have agency registered person, as a private individual can be absent from work.
  4. Private personal assistant or caregiver can be costly.

Before deciding, the disadvantages of such types should be considered. Since each person is unique and has different requirements, so the decision should be made with needs of the individual’s mind. Also have a look at the advantages of home health care service, because your relative might have different requirements than others.

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