Top 12 Essential oils for arthritis pain relief

12 essential oils for arthritis pain relief

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints. It causes pain and swelling in joints, and often is accompanied by partial or complete loss of joint movement. It is classified as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Since arthritis reduces the quality of life, it may lead to emotional stress and serious depression. In fact, it is a serious disability. So, there are some essential oils for arthritis which seriously relieve arthritis pain. Do you believe? These essential oils are extracted from different herbs and believe me you would love them, after it relieved your pain.

People dealing with arthritis pain want any type of arthritis treatment if it means arthritis pain relief. Good news essential oils for arthritis not only relieve arthritis pain but also improves mood and overall health.

Older people have higher chances of developing arthritis. Adults are too not far from it. Age, infections, obesity and injuries to joints increase the risk of developing arthritis. Over 20% of U.S population is suffering from arthritis pain.

Why choose natural remedies for arthritis?

In most cases, treatment for arthritis is only limited to manage the temporary symptoms. To reduce pain and swelling, the doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory analgesics. While in severe cases, corticosteroids help to reduce inflammation and relieve pain by suppressing the immune system. These treatments increase the range of motion of joints to some extent. But all these treatments for arthritis has side effects. That’s why natural remedies for arthritis!

You already know that aspirin, common anti-inflammatory analgesic, was derived originally from the bark of tree willow. There are essential oils (from herbs) with similar characteristics to treat arthritis pain and other associated conditions. They work better and do not have any side effect.

Note: Before using these essential oils, please consult your healthcare provider first.

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Top 12 essential oils for arthritis pain relief

Essential oils are herbal products. They have properties that help in relieving arthritis pain. These properties are:

  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory

How do essential oils work? Some of the essential oils manage the arthritis symptoms. Others provide effective and rapid relief to the joints and sites of inflammation.

Here are the top 12 essential oils for arthritis pain relief.

1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well as anesthetic effects. It helps in relieving pain and other associated arthritis conditions. More often, it is used for rheumatoid arthritis.

Peppermint oil for arthritis pain

Mix 8-10 drops of peppermint oil with 2 table spoon of warmed coconut oil. Stir for a minute to make a ready to use a mixture. Not essentially coconut oil, it can be mixed with other essential oils for arthritis to get more potent mixture for pain relief.

2. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil comes from Eucalyptus globulus, leaves of gum trees. The plant belongs to Australia. The leaves are aromatic, having a strong and penetrating smell. The component of this oil is Eucalyptol. But several other active components provide an anti-inflammatory effect.

Eucalyptus oil for inflammation of joints

It brings quick relief in aching joints, but it causes skin irritation in many people. So, what should you do? Before using it on regular basis for arthritis pain, test it in a small patch of skin.

3. Ginger oil

Ginger oil has a wide range of therapeutic uses. The powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics of ginger oil are useful in treating several types of inflammatory problems, including arthritis pain.

Ginger essential oil

The main chemical component of this oil is zingiberene. Others several potent phytochemicals are also present which include:

  • Camphene
  • Geraniol
  • Borneol
  • Neral
  • Geranial

Ginger essential oil is extracted from an unpeeled rhizome of Zingiber officinale.

How to use it for arthritis pain relief? Take a small amount of ginger oil and massage the swollen joints slowly to enhance the absorption. Other arthritis essential oils can also be mixed with ginger oil, like lavender, rosemary and lemongrass.

4. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is from the floral buds of lavandula angustifolia. It is powerful analgesic and is also known for its anti-inflammatory effects. It works excellent for relieving rheumatoid arthritis pain. People with rheumatoid arthritis usually like and report their improvements when they use this oil. Lavender oil has a sweet smell.

Lavender oil for treatment of arthritis

4-5 drops of lavender oil can be used for instant pain relief. But dilution is preferable to avoid skin irritation. The soothe effect of this oil will relieve your mental stress too. Moreover, it improves blood circulation in aching joints and reduces the swellings.

5. Cayenne pepper oil

Cayenne pepper oil extracted from the fiery chilies, has a pungent smell. It has analgesic effects, but it should be used for several days before it shows results. Primary ingredient present is Capsaicin, which brings arthritis pain relief.

Cayenne pepper oil for arthritis pain relief

Apply cayenne pepper oil mixed with coconut oil for 2-3 times a day. Stop using this oil if it results in skin irritations.

6. Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is extracted from the leaves of the shrub Rosmarinus officinalis. Rosmarinic acid, the main component is responsible for analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Some other active substances are also there which play supporting role.

Rosemary oils as natural remedies for arthritis

Lab studies and research suggest that Rosmarinic acid inhabits rheumatoid arthritis pain in rats. It has similar effects in people and acts as one of the best natural remedies for arthritis pain.

7. Frankincense oil

Dried resin of some trees from Boswellia genus, are used to extract frankincense oil. The genus is native to continent Africa and the Middle East. It had been used in religious festivals for its capacity to increase the spiritual experiences.

 Frankincense oil for aching joints

Frankincense essential oil inhibits the inflammation causing substances. Thus, it prevents the damages to the joints and cartilages. The active ingredient in the oil also has healing effects.

It significantly reduces the inflammation, making it a natural treatment option for pain and swelling related conditions that effect the joints, cartilages, muscles and tendons.

8. Myrrh oil

Myrrh oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it is used to treat arthritis pain. Scientific studies suggest that myrrh oil and frankincense essential oils are highly effective in the treatment of inflammatory conditions, especially when combined. In combination, these oils suppress the inflammation causing agents.

Myrrh oil for treating arthritis pain

Myrrh oil can also be mixed with olive oil to get a potent mixture. This combination reduces leukotaxine, an inflammatory substance, and results in a reduction of swellings.

This oil is extracted from a thorny bush, commiphora molmol, which is found in Egypt and Jordan.

9. Lemongrass oil

It is sweet smelling and a citrus oil. Lemongrass oil is steam distilled from the stems and leaves of Cymbopogon cirtratus grass. In some therapies for arthritis, lemongrass oil boiling in water is directed towards the swelling and aching joints. The warmth facilitates the oil in good absorption. Thus, it gives long lasting arthritis pain relief.

Lemongrass oil for relieving arthritis pain

Not only for arthritis pain treatment, it is also used for other inflammation conditions. Moreover, it has anti-depressant effects, which reduces the depressions and anxiety.

It is a good option for the people who are allergic to aspirin and those who are taking blood thinning drugs.

Lemongrass oil has a little different set of active agents, which includes:

  • Limonene
  • Citral
  • Myrcene
  • Citronellal
  • Geraniola
  • Nerol

10. Birch oil/Sweet Birch oil

Sweet, camphor like smelling essential oil of birch, is extracted from the birch tree Betula Lenta. It has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, due to the presence of methyl salicylate and salicylic acid. According to some reports, the birch essential oil is as effective as corticosteroids in relieving arthritis pain and tendonitis.

Sweet Birch essential oil

Pain salves and anti-arthritic formulations usually contain birch oil. It can be mixed with rosemary and olive oil for applying on swelling joints. Patients who are taking blood thinning medications should not use birch oil.

11. Turmeric Oil

Tumeric oil is helping people manage rheumatoid arthritis pain. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The main active agent present in turmeric oil is curcumin.

Turmeric Oil for rheumatoid arthritis

Curcumin significantly reduces the swelling and inflammation of joints. Evidence suggests that turmeric use on daily basis is an effective way to combat arthritis.

12. Orange oil

Orange oil also has ant-inflammatory properties and is helping people to fight pain. Researches have proved orange oil to be an effective essential oil for arthritis treatment.

Orange oil for arthritis treatment

Combining different essential oils for arthritis pain relief:

If two or more essential oils are combined, it often provides better pain relief than an individual one. For example, if you mix some drops of each essential oil from myrrah oil, lemon grass and rosemarry then rub it well on aching joints. Similarly, combinations of other essential oil can also be made for arthritis pain relief.

The Facts on Arthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs due to the breakdown of cartilage in joints, causing swelling and inflammation. Knees, hips, hands and spines are the joints where osteoarthritis occurs.

Rheumatoid arthritis is due to autoimmune dysfunction in which WBCs destroy cartilage. Exact causes of Rheumatoid arthritis are not known yet. However, research suggests that it is related to food allergies, stress, and excess of acid in the body and bacterial infections.

Gout is due to the accumulation of uric acid crystal in joints. If you want to know, types of arthritis in detail at WebMD, click here.

Although arthritis means joint inflammation, but widely it describes more than 100 joints diseases and conditions.

How to Use Essential Oils for Arthritis?

Essential oils for arthritis work wonder if you use it the right way. Use of the above listed essential oil when you start sleeping. Rub it well, so that it get diffused in deep. Apply it where you feel pain. You should be careful to avoid it getting in eyes.

Precautions before using Essential Oils for Arthritis

  • Be cautious if you are taking blood pressure medications or have some existing heart problem.
  • You should talk to a doctor before beginning new treatment if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • For better results, it is important that oil should be pure.


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