How to gain weight fast in a healthy way?

how to gain weight fast?

Many people ask the way to lose weight. However, some people are underweight and want to gain weight fast by the safe way. The problem of being underweight is as bad for health as being obese.

What does underweight really mean?

A person having body mass below 18.5 is considered as underweight. If you still don’t know your BMI, click this calculator.

The problem with BMI is that it only looks at weight and height. It does not take the mass of muscles into account. So, being underweight according to this scale does not mean “really underweight”. Sometimes people are naturally healthy and too skinny.

Consequences of being underweight

Studies have shown that being underweight increases the risk of early death, especially in men. It also increases the chances of fractures of bones, impair immune system, arthritis, osteoporosis, and cause fertility problems.

People who are underweight are more likely to get dementia and sarcopenia.

What can cause someone to become underweight?

Why did you lose weight? Here are some reasons can cause unhealthy weight loss.

how to gain weight fast


Uncontrolled diabetes, especially diabetes type 1 can lead to weight loss.

Eating disorders:

Some eating disorders can also lead to weight loss. For example, anorexia Nervosa. It is characterized by low eating, one feels the fear of becoming overweight.

Thyroid problems:

Due to overactive thyroid glands, which boost metabolism can also result in weight loss.


Certain infections can cause a person to be underweight. This may include some parasites, tuberculosis, HIV, and AIDS.


The cancerous cells can burn a lot of calories and can lead to the underweight condition.

How to gain weight fast in a healthy way?

It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle to gain weight easily.

increase or gain weight fast in a healthy way

Today it is a chance to be better, just do it.

The most effective ways to gain weight fast are:

Eat more calories than your body burns.

It is very important to eat more calories than you burn. Determine estimate calories of all what you eat in a day.

If you want to gain weight gradually you should take 400 to 800 calories above the level. But if you want to gain weight fast, you should increase calories further.

Eat more proteins.

Protein is most important for gaining weight fast. As muscle are made up of protein, so if you increase protein diet, the extra protein may get turned into muscles.

High protein food includes eggs, meat, dairy products, and nuts etc. Protein supplements can also be helpful.

Eat more fats and carbs daily at each meal

If weight gain is a priority then, you should eat more fatty foods and carbs, at least three times a day. It is the best way to increase weight.

Eat energy dense foods

Energy-rich food is important in increasing weight. The perfect dense food for gaining more weight are:

  • Nuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts
  • Dry fruits
  • High fat dairy
  • Meat
  • Fat and oils
  • Potatoes and yam

Lift heavy weight to gain strength.

Heavy weight lifting increases body strength. Moreover, it keeps all body parts healthy. So, little chances to get diseases.

lift heavy weight to gain weight fast

You can join a gym for this or can manage at home if you want.

More tips to gain weight

  • Eat more often and healthy
  • Drink milk for bones strengthening
  • Try fruit shakes
  • Avoid drinking water before meals.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Get enough sound sleep.

Consistency is key to success

It is difficult for some people to gain weight fast than others. Have best hopes and follow the routine with consistency.


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