How long does kidney stone pain last after passing?

How long does kidney stone pain last after passing?

If you have passed your kidney stones successfully, you might have pain even after passing them. This isn’t a matter to be worried about because this pain would be minor and bearable. The pain may due to the damages the stones had caused when it was there.

How long does kidney stone pain last depends upon how it was passed. Either you got some treatment at a hospital or you could dissolve and pass it by following kidney stones diet strictly.

1#: How long does kidney stone pain last after ESWL?

Lithotripsy is a technique of breaking down of kidney stones into small pieces with the help of shock waves. The small pieces of kidney stones are easily then passed with urine. Remember that there might be a small amount of blood in your urine for few weeks after lithotripsy.

The kidney pain may last for 4 to 8 weeks after this treatment. In addition to that, there can also be bruising on the back side where the stone was treated.

After lithotripsy, most people start their daily life activities after 1 or 2 days. The following are the instructions you should follow at home:

You probably would be asked to strain your urine for kidney stones. The doctor will tell you how to do this. In case, you get some stones, they are then sent to a medical lab for further examination.

Call a doctor if you have the following symptoms:

  • Unbearable back pain.
  • Little production of urine.
  • Heavy blood in urine.
  • If you find blood clots in your urine.
  • Fast heart rate.

2#: How long does kidney stone pain last after passing through urine?

Though passing a kidney stone causes pain, but once it is passed, one feels better soon. When it is passed naturally through urine, the pain ends in a day or two. This happens only when stones are of small size. You’d not even notice some small stones when they are passing, while others may cause pain when they are moving from kidney to ureter and then to the urinary bladder.

Remember, if the stone is less 5mm, it can be passed. For kidney stones that are greater than this size, one generally needs surgery.

3#: How long does soreness of kidneys last after passing stones?

In most cases, kidney stones result in pain when it scratches kidney tissues or passes down in the urinary tract. Though other kidney diseases, like end-stage kidney failure and kidney cancer, may also result in pain.

In case, when the kidney stone scratches kidney tissues more or less, it leads to swelling, soreness, and bleeding.

If you were able to pass kidney stone by some way, the kidney tissues start to repair. It may take as long as 1 or 2 weeks to get repaired completely from soreness and swellings, depending upon the kidney condition. Kidney-friendly vegetables are beneficial for fast recovery of the damaged tissues.

4#: How long can you bleed after passing kidney stones?

The patients of kidney stones can have blood in urine, especially while passing it. If you successfully pass your stone, the bleeding may last for from 1 week to 1 month, and you’ll start feeling good with no or minor pain.

Note: You should consult your doctor after a week even when you’re not having blood in your urine. This would make sure that now you have got free from it. Moreover, your doctor would suggest “how to prevent kidneys stone from reforming?”

5#: What if you have persistent pain after passing kidney stones?

In rare cases, the pain may come and go even after passing a stone or its removal. This pain is different from the discomfort that is because of the remaining inflammation and swellings in the kidney. There are some factors that can cause persistent pain. These are:

  • It may be because of another reason, unrelated to kidney stones.
  • The kidney stones may be missing in CT skin. CT skin is although an accurate method, but it does not include the image of the whole urinary tract from the kidney to the ureter.

If this is the case, the follow-up CT skin is advisable. The doctor may review your report, and tell if your stone was successfully passed.

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