6 Ways to Improve Kidney Function Naturally

how to improve kidney function?

Kidneys are one of the vital organs of your body. They filter out the toxic substances, regulate blood pressure, help in water reabsorption and keep blood pH normal. Considering their importance, following the below steps to improve kidney function is one of the best things you can do.

#1: Eating healthily.

foods to improve kidney health

Eat a balanced diet.

A Balanced diet is important for overall health and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re at risk of kidney diseases, a balanced diet can surely help you improve kidney health. Kidney friendly diet can help to:

Lower intake of salty foods.

Salty foods are harmful and can lead to serious kidney problems. The sodium present in these foods results in high blood pressure that damages kidneys.

Instead of having salty foods, choose:

  • Fresh foods rather the packaged foods.
  • Buy foods with no salt label like “no salt added”.
  • Keep an eye on sodium level when you’re buying foods.

Eat kidney friendly foods.

There are some foods which you should add to your daily meal menu as these are more beneficial to kidneys health. Have these kidney friendly foods regularly to take better care of your kidneys.

  • Fresh fruits are good for kidneys.
  • Fresh vegetables, including cauliflowers, berries, onions, cabbage etc. help to improve kidneys health.
  • Asparagus also helps in keeping kidneys healthy.

#2: Drinking healthily.

Drink health to improve kidneys health

Drink a lot of pure water.

Drinking lots of water have many health benefits, including improvement in kidneys functions. Water makes the urine dilute and remove the toxins and waste from the system. Moreover, it helps in regulating the body temperature.

Drink water frequently.

Drink water after regular intervals, rather than drinking a liter or more at the same time. As kidneys regulate fluid concentration in the body, so it would be easier for them if you drink water frequently.

Avoid too much of alcohol.

If you drink alcohol, the kidney has to filter it out like other harmful substances. When there is an excess of alcohol in the body, it negatively impacts kidneys ability to filter out harmful substances. So, how you help kidneys function well is to avoid alcohol or have it in moderation.

#3: Keeping weight normal.

keep normal weight to avoid kidney diseases

Keeping the healthy weight of the body is important for normal functioning of the kidneys. If you become overweight, the blood the pressure increases and high blood pressure will put a strain on your kidneys and thus will lead to kidney diseases. Moreover, if you are obese, you’re likely to have diabetes. Both diabetes and obesity, lead to high blood pressure and are the major causes of kidney problems.

#4: Exercise daily.

Exercise daily

Exercise helps you in controlling your weight. It improves the blood circulation which is helpful for kidneys. If you exercise daily, you:

  • Can easily prevent diabetes.
  • Keep your blood pressure normal.
  • Decrease the strain on kidneys.

In short, if you exercise, you lower the chances of getting kidney diseases.

  • If you haven’t exercised before, or it seems hard to find time to do exercise, you should find the time and make it a part of routine life because it will have long term benefits and will improve kidneys function.
  • Find an enjoyable sport for yourself.
  • Join your friends or your partner, it might make it more awesome for you.

Having some time in front of the sun is good as it makes our body to make Vitamin D. Making vitamin D is the kidney’s job. So, if you get out in the sunshine and let your body make Vitamin D, it would decrease the pressure on your kidneys.

  • 15 minutes in the sunshine a day can help to improve kidney function.
  • Not only for kidneys, Vitamin D is also important for some other functions in the body such as regulation of Calcium and phosphorous.

#5: Know how kidney diseases develop.

Know how kidney disease develop


Know how kidneys function.

Kidneys play important role in maintaining our health. If you educate yourself about how kidneys function and how useful they are, you will realize and start taking care of your kidneys.

Know causes of kidney diseases.

Once you realize the importance of kidneys, you should find out what causes kidney problems, and how can you prevent them.

The most common causes of kidneys problems are high blood pressure and diabetes.

Ask your parents if there is a kidney problems history in your family.

Kidney problems may be hereditary. If your family has a history of kidney diseases, you could be more prone to them. Talk to your doctor and tell about the history of kidney problems in your family, he/she will give medical guidance on how to avoid kidneys problems.

#6: Other ways to improve kidney function

avoid smoking cigarettes


Avoid smoking.

Smoking is harmful to kidneys health because of the following reasons:

  • Smoking effects the medicine one takes for treating high blood pressure. Uncontrolled or poorly high blood pressure leads to kidneys problems.
  • It slows down the flow of blood to major organs of the body, including kidneys. This can make kidney disease worse.

So, it is better to avoid smoking in order to improve kidney functioning.

Don’t overtake medicines.

Talk to your doctor before taking medications for any type of diseases you have. Some medicine can lead to kidneys problems, especially when they are used more frequently and are not taken according to the doctor’s prescription.

Some analgesics like aspirin and NSAIDs are particular for kidneys problems, but before taking these analgesics talking to a doctor can save you from their side effects. Gastrointestinal bleeding and stomach ulcer are the most common side effects of aspirin and NSAIDs.

Let your doctor know about all the medicines you are taking. Do not take over the counter pain relievers for more than 10 days. Take your medicines under the supervision of a doctor, if you have problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and liver disease.

If you are at risk, have kidney screening after a regular interval.

Keeping an eye on kidneys health is important, especially when you’re prone to kidney diseases or have a history of kidney disease in your family. This would tell:

  • How you take care of your kidneys?
  • What further steps you can take to improve kidney function.
  • This also will give a feeling of happiness if you really have worked hard to improve your kidneys performances.

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