Kidney Stone Pain Relief: 21 Instantly Working Home Remedies

Kidney stone pain relief fast

There is undoubtedly nothing worse than kidney pain. It is like chopping a knife through your own stomach. More often it is sudden and occurs in the lower back. But it does not mean that all back pains are due to kidney problems. Usually, kidney stones cause kidney pain, but end-stage renal failure and other kidney diseases can also result in kidney pain.

Some specific symptoms indicate kidney stone pain, while at times, there are no symptoms until the stone moves in the kidney or passes into the ureter.

  • Severe pain below the ribs and diaphragm
  • Pain comes in the form of waves and the intensity increases gradually.
  • Severe pain while urinating.
  • Colored urine, may be pink, red and brown.
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Foul smelling urine.
  • One feels need to urinate all the time.

If you have a little doubt that your back pain is due to the kidney stone or not, you must visit your doctor because it can be some other serious medical issue too.

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How to relieve kidney stone pain fast?

Hearty Beats compiled a different and comprehensive guide to help you relieve your kidney stone pain fast. This guide tells you:

  • Herbal remedies for kidney stone pain relief
  • Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone pain relief
  • techniques for immediate relief from kidney stone pain
  • Does beer work in relieving kidney stone pain?
  • While coping with kidney stone pain-steps

Kidney stone pain relief

Top herbal remedies for kidney stone pain relief:

The following herbal remedies can help you relieve your discomfort.

how to get rid of kidney stone pain fast?

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1. Drink plenty of water to relieve kidney pain fast.

Drink plenty of water is very important. Not only, it prevents accumulation of minerals that result in kidney stones but also removes the small stones with urine that are already formed. Above all, whenever kidney pain occurs, water can give instant relief.

What to do:

  • If you’re having intense lower back pain, start drinking clean water. You should drink more than a liter of it.
  • When you’re having pain, you will also come to know about the pre-symptoms of kidney stone pain.
  • Not only water therapy is useful to relieve kidney pain but also it sometimes helps against infection.


  • Although water can help in flushing minerals out, in passing small kidney stones, and relieving pain but this may not be so always. You should consult your doctor about this issue.

2. Fresh lemon juice for kidney stone pain relief.

Lemon juice works:

  • As kidney stone remedy
  • Kidney painkiller

Lemon juice and citric foods have a good amount of citric acid. This citric acid helps in breaking of stones into pieces.

Use freshly made lemon juice without any flavor.

How to use lemon juice to relieve kidney stone pain fast?

  • If you think that you might be at the risk of kidney pain, you should drink a glass of water mixed with a fresh lemon early in the morning.
  • When pain starts you should mix 4 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water, this remedy if your body accepts, will relieve your discomfort in 20 minutes.
  • If your digestion is fast, mixing lemon juice with olive oil can also help in relieving kidney pain. However, sometimes people feel sick after having olive oil, so go for olive oil mixed with lemon juice only when you’re able to digest.

3. Dandelion tea to relieve pain fast.

Dandelion herb is a beneficial herb because of its diuretic properties, meaning that it has the ability to increase the urine output. Dandelion tea stimulates blood circulation throughout the kidneys, thus it is able to relieve you of the kidney pain.

You need:

  • Dried leaves of dandelion herb 1-3 tablespoons.
  • 1 cup of hot water.

How to make:

  • Add leaves in hot water.
  • Let leaves be in hot water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Strain the tea and drink.
  • You can use 2-3 cups of this tea throughout the day.

4. Watermelon seed tea to relieve kidney stone pain

Watermelon seed tea acts as diuretic just like dandelion tea. Not only, it flushes the kidneys but urinary bladder also. Moreover, if kidneys are not fully active, watermelon seed tea stimulates that too.

You need:

  • 1 tablespoon of watermelon seeds
  • 2 cups of water.

How to make:

  • Boil two cups of water in a vessel.
  • Put the watermelon seed in boiled water.
  • Let the seeds be there for a while.
  • Cool down the tea.
  • Strain and drink.
  • Take this tea once a day and three days in a week.

Kidney stone pictures

5. Celery seeds tea for immediate relief

Celery seeds speed up the removal of waste materials from the kidneys. According to studies, Celery seeds increase the amount of urine and thus, it relieves kidney pain giving you calming effects.

Celery seeds have oil with anti-fungal characteristics and are effective against bacteria as well. Thus, it prevents kidney infections.

You need:

  • Celery seeds 1-2 tablespoons.
  • 1 cup of hot water.

How to make:

  • Pour hot water on freshly ground seed in a cup.
  • After, it cools down, strain and drink
  • Take this tea once a day. Do not exceed three days a week.
  • Use fresh celery seeds every time you make tea.

Note: Pregnant women should not use this tea because celery is a uterine stimulant.

6. Corn Silk Tea for kidney stone pain relief

How does it give kidney stone pain relief?

Silk herb is a great remedy for urinary tract infection as it soothes pain rapidly and speeds up the healing of the infections. If you’re having any kidney disease that causes pain, corn silk can you relieve your pain.

Lab studies suggest that it does not allow growth of certain bacteria.

Herbal medicines are made from this herb, which cures inflammation of the kidneys. Moreover, it is safe and can be found at any herbal store.

You need:

  • Corn silk 1 tablespoon.
  • Boiled water. 2-3 cups.

How to make corn silk tea?

  • The procedure is same as mentioned for above tea.
  • You can take 2-3 cups daily.

7. Parsley Tea to Relieve Kidney Pain

Parsley is an important medicinal herb, usually, cure kidney and bladder problems. Putting its paste reduces swelling and inflammation. It has same diuretic properties as celery seeds. Moreover, it is anti-viral.

You need:

  • Fresh parsley- Pick 1 bunch of it with stems and roots.
  • 4 cups water.

The process of making is the same as others tea mentioned above. Pregnant women should avoid this remedy also.

8. Cabbage Leaves Poultice for kidney stone pain relief

Cabbage has been used since long for different medicinal purposes. Although no research is conducted to know the healing properties, still is known that cabbage leaves push the disease causing toxic materials out from the body tissues.

Cabbage is a good cure for diseases like scurvy, gout, eczema etc. Also, it treats ulcers and heals wounds.

You need to make cabbage leaves poultice to get kidney stone pain relief.

You need:

  • Cabbage leaves 2-4.
  • Chopped onions -2
  • 3-4 handfuls of bran.
  • A small amount of water.
  • Gauze that can help making a poultice.

How to make:

  • Mix all the above constituents in a vessel.
  • Boil it for about 20 minutes.
  • Put the poultice on gauze as soon as water evaporates.
  • Apply this hot gauze on the paining
  • Keep it there for few hour, if you’re applying it at night, you can leave it for the whole night too.

Warning: Don’t use this remedy for abdominal pain, because it can have different causes which only your doctor can diagnose.

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9. Marshmallow Root for kidney stone pain relief

Marshmallow root is effective and immediate and it has been used in the past for kidney stone pain relief and helping it to pass out of the kidney.

  • Marshmallow has mucilage that calm the irritated and inflamed tissue.
  • If it even more effective for those who feel to urinate but can’t urinate, and they have burning sensations along with pain.
  • Chew some marshmallow or have marshmallow root tea, you’ll feel the need to urinate. This time you’ll have no pain or least pain and burning sensation.

How to use a marshmallow to relieve kidney pain fast?

There are two ways you can use marshmallow tea for kidney pain relief.

1. Marshmallow tea with cold infusion method, in this method you need pure mucilage from the roots and it may take a longer.

You need:

  • Marshmallow root 4tbsp.
  • Some amount of water.
  • A jar
  • Honey, for enhancing the taste, optional.

How to make?

  • Fill the jar with the water and place the root in it.
  • Cover the jar and put it the refrigerator. Let it be there overnight, 4-5 hours can be enough.
  • You will get golden thick viscous liquid. Make it taste better with honey.

2. For fast relief, you can make marshmallow tea in just 5-10 minutes.

You need:

  • Marshmallow roots – 1 tablespoon
  • Hot water.
  • Honey

How to make?

  • Place roots in a pot.
  • Pour hot water on roots.
  • Now cover the pot for 10 minutes.
  • Strain and drink it.
  • If you need to sweeten it, mix some honey with it.
  • Take 2-3 cups of this tea in a day.

10. Plantain for kidney stone pain relief

Plantain is a healing herb, often is considered useless but ancient people knew its importance. As early as 450 A.D. to 1066 A.D. the Anglo-Saxons had listed 9 herbs with great properties, and the list included plantain. Plantain:

  • Can treat kidney disorders and hemorrhoids.
  • It has the ability to get rid of worms.
  • Being anti-bacterial, it prevents infections.
  • It also relieves the pain of insects bites like bees and wasps.
  • Native American used it for curing allergic rashes and poison ivy while the Chinese cured kidney problems with it.

How to make plantain tea?

You need:

  • Fresh or dry plantain, any part seed, root, or leaves. 1tablespoon.
  • Boiled water

What to do?

  • Pour boiled water over the plantain in a pot.
  • Let the two be in a pot for a while.
  • Have honey in it, if you wish to make it sweeter.
  • Have this tea 3-4 times every day.

11. Uva Ursi to for kidney stone pain relief

Uva ursi is an herb that was anciently used by Native Americans to cure the urinary infections. It plays an important role against Escherichia coli infections; this bacteria is usually found in intestines and cause urinary kidney and bladder infections. Before using this herb, consult a doctor or herbalist, because it should not be used for a longer time.

You need:

  • Uva ursi leaves 1 tablespoon
  • 2 cups water

How to use:

  • Put uva ursi leaves in water.
  • Heat up for half an hour.
  • Drink half cup of this tea two times a day.

Pregnant women should avoid using this herb as kidney stone remedy.

12. Sage-Peppermint Tea for kidney stone pain relief

Sage has a volatile oil that has various therapeutic properties:

  • Astringent
  • Anti-septic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • It also has relaxing effects.

Antiseptic properties of sage make it an effective home remedy for treating intestinal infections, while the formulation results in a powerful remedy for kidney stone pain relief if it is combined with peppermint.

You need:

  • Sage herb 1 tablespoon
  • Peppermint leaves 1 tablespoons.
  • 2 cups boiled water.

How to make?

  • Place the two constituents in a container.
  • Pour boiled water over them.
  • When it gets cool, strain and drink 2-3 cups throughout the day.
  • If you’re having any kidney or bladder infection, this home remedy will treat it in 2-3 months while you’ll get relief from pain in the first few days.

13. Mustard Plaster to relieve kidney pain and irritation fast

Sometimes, people experience irritations rather than kidney pain, where Mustard plaster works as a healer. Remember that you do not have to put a mustard plaster on the skin for too long because it can raise blisters. For the same reason, it is wrapped in cloth or is mixed with flour to avoid contact with the skin. Some people use eggs white portion instead of water as it prevents the burning and blistering of the skin.

You need:

  • Mustard powder
  • Whole wheat flour.
  • Water or egg white portion in order to make a paste.
  • Vaseline or lard.

How to use mustard paste for immediate kidney stone irritation relief?

  • Mix flour and mustard powder.
  • Make a paste using water or egg white. Egg white is preferable as it prevents blistering.
  • Now apply mustard plaster on areas where you feel irritation.
  • Leaves it for about half an hour.
  • While if you’re feeling more irritation you should remove the plaster.

Don’t use Mustard plaster remedy for the children below six years of age.

14. Nettle Tea to Relieve Joint Pains due to Kidney Diseases

Nettle herb is also of great importance because of its diuretic and infection preventing properties. It soothes kidney inflammations as well as relieves joint pains that are as a result of high uric acid accumulation in the blood.

How to make nettle tea?

  • Get dried nettle leaves and place them in a pot.
  • Pour hot water over the leaves.
  • Allow steeping for 10-15 minutes.
  • Have 1 cup of nettle tea three times a day.

Don’t take any kidney disease lightly.

Don’t take kidney stone or any other kidney disease lightly. If you the above home remedies to get rid of the kidney pain, you must understand that these types of remedies are always timely and also does not guarantee a complete cure. If you do not treat kidney diseases in earlier stages, these can lead to a serious kidney problem like kidney failure. Consult your doctor at the very first time you have pain, and visit again if the problem still persists.

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6 techniques to get rid of kidney stone pain fast:

If you haven’t got an appointment for complete treatment or surgery of kidney stone, and you’re experiencing pain again and again, apart from taking prescribed medicine, you must learn some instant and effective ways to relieve the pain. Here are some techniques that really work and give you instant kidney stone pain relief.

how to relieve kidney pain fast?

1. Apply heat to reduce the pain.

For temporary and instant kidney pain relief, a hot heat pad can be applied to the site of the pain. Not only, heat reduces nerve sensation to reduce pain but also improves the circulation of blood through this site. It is even more effective if muscles spasm causes pain.

If you’re not using a heating pad, apply heat with care because too much heat could cause burns. A cloth that is soaked in hot water, could also be used.

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2. Get plenty of rest.

Bed rest is sometimes helpful in relieving pain. If you’re experiencing kidney pain due to injury or infection inside, excessive exercise or movement could cause the kidney to bleed.

3. Use analgesics medications.

Some painkillers can also help you in relieving kidney stone pain instantly. But before taking any medication, you should consult your doctor, because some painkillers could increase the chances of kidney problems.

Avoid high dose of aspirin. It could make your condition more serious as it worsens the vascular obstruction and increases the risk of bleeding.

Sometimes, kidneys aren’t fully functional where some medications like NSAIDs could be dangerous.

4. Antibiotics

Kidney stone cause urine to be stagnant, where bacteria grow and may lead to infections. In such cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics. Do not forget the prescription note that usually suggests antibiotics use for 10 days to men and only 3 days to women.  You should always follow the prescription note even you start feeling better.

5. Avoid excess of Vitamins C.

Though Vitamins are important to the human body as they contribute much to bone formation and healing of wounds. However, Vitamin C if used in excess may be converted to oxalate in the kidney. If you’re prone to develop any type of kidney stone, follow the kidney diet strictly.

6. Drink cranberry juice regularly.

Cranberry juice is an effective remedy for kidney stone pain relief and others urinary tract infections.

  • It starts working within 8 hours after drinking.
  • It prevents bacterial growth.
  • It helps in breaking and dissolving small kidney stone.
  • If you’re having oxalate stone, you should not use cranberry juice as it has the amount of Vitamin C.

While coping with kidney stone pain:

Although you had a lot of techniques and remedies for kidney stone pain relief, still the below two points are important to know.

1. Rely on loved ones:

Say someone to press and rub your back. Have a pillow under your pelvis and lay flat on your stomach.

You should not afraid to ask for help, rather this makes them happy and gives them a sense of being useful. Relying on loved is also important in a sense, if your condition gets worse, they would be able to take you the hospital soon.

2. Cry out or scream:

You are surprised, right? Crying out, let your frustrations out. There should be no shame or fear in vocalizing your pain.

Can drinking beer give relief from kidney pain?

There are some reports that show that consuming beer in a moderate amount can relieve kidney pain and being diuretic, it let you urinate to your will. Moreover, beer can also help to remove the small-sized kidney stones.

However, some reports are against the use of beer for kidney stone pain relief. In the state of chronic kidney stone, beer results in aggravating stone formation rather than flushing out already formed small kidney stones. It also can cause heartburn.

As these reports are contradictory and none is supported by solid evidence, so why to use beer for relieving kidney stone pain? Rather you should choose any other remedy from this list for yourself.

Advantages of homeopathic medicines for kidney stone pain relief.

Homeopathic medicines are all highly effective remedies from natural sources with gentle healing and no side effects. These medicines can be helpful as:

  • They manage renal pain from stones.
  • They have the ability to dissolve the stones.
  • If the renal pain is because of infection, homeopathic medicine is helpful as well. They enhance body’s ability to prevent the infection and fight against it.

Warning: Do not take any homeopathic medicine without professional advice.

Best homeopathic medicine for kidney pain relief

For details on the homeopathic remedies, visit This Dr.homeo website article.


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