Guide to Mister essential oil, uses and recipe

Mister essential oil blend and with bottles

Mister essential oil is a blend of different essential oils that is specifically made for balancing male energy and supporting men’s in their mental and emotional well-being. It is one of the highly effective natural remedies for supporting the male glandular system and maintaining the normal prostate function. It is for the men who are aged 30 or more.

Benefits of using Mister essential oil:

This oils blend is not only good for promoting the inner body balance but also it is great for everyday stress. It has been formulated to improve the functioning of the whole endocrine system. Some of its application are below:

  1. It is helpful in regulating the production of androgen hormone.
  2. Mister oil improves the prostate function.
  3. It works against hair loss.
  4. Mister promotes the emotion of peace, forgiveness and self-worth, this spiritual influence would let you forgive your past and embrace what happens new in life.
  5. It does not allow a drop in sex drive.

How to use Mister essential oil: Tips and testimonials

Dilute solution of this oil can be used for full body massage. While, it may also be used in some parts of the body too. Use it undiluted for body parts.

  1. Apply few drops of the oils on different parts of the body such as lower back, pelvis and ankles.
  2. Add 2-4 drops of it to bath water.
  3. Apply the oil on toes of feet.
  4. Directly inhale; or
  5. Diffuse the oil.

Mister essential oil blend:

There are six therapeutic essential oils mixed in Mister. These essential oils are listed below with a brief description.

1. Sage essential oil:

It helps in uplifting the mental fatigue. It also supports the metabolism, has the ability to boost the sense and vital centers of the body. Other applications are given below:

  1. Sage works for those who are suffering from anxiety, from swelling to puffiness.
  2. It is ideal for the people who have to stand several hours and have heavy, congested and swollen legs.
  3. Clary sage oils are used in perfume industry.
  4. Sage leaves are for hair, it benefits in thinning and greying it.
  5. Any of sage benefits can be obtained by eating its fresh leaves that can be used in salad.

2. Myrtle essential oil:

It is supportive of skin, hair, and respiratory system. Also it helps for uplifting the spirit and helpful for meditation. The health benefits of Myrtle essential oil are due to its properties such as antiseptic, deodorant, astringent, and sedatives. The main components are Cineol, Pinene, Myrteny acetate, Linalool, Camphene, Geraniol, and borneol.

Other uses of Myrtle essential oils are:

  1. It strengthens the gums hold over the teeth if used as a mouth wash.
  2. As it has deodorants, it eliminates the foul odors.
  3. It is helpful against wounds and cuts, it does not let the microbes infect the wounds and also helps in healing.
  4. It is helpful against coughing too.
  5. This essential oil relaxes from the tension and stress because of the presence of sedates.

3. Lavender essential oil:

This oil is commonly known for its relaxing and calming effects on the body. Therapeutic properties make it highly effective for skin. Other benefits of this oils are:

  • It aids in sleeping.
  • It is good for reducing the itching and swelling at the site of a bee sting or other insects.
  • Lavender oil helps in stopping bleeding and avoids the spread of infection.
  • It is good for dry skin too.

4. Fennel essential oil:

The primary benefits Fennel oil are:

  • It gives relief against digestive troubles and indigestion.
  • It eases the menstrual cycles, in females.
  • Fennel leads to the healthy Lymphatic system.
  • It also calms the minor skin problems like irritation and itchiness.

5. Peppermint essential oils.

Some of the most common uses of peppermint oil are:

  • It is very effective in relaxing muscle pain, as it has natural painkilling abilities.
  • It is helpful for unclogging the sinuses.
  • Peppermint oil acts as a natural energizer and reduces hunger cravings.
  • If you’re battling against rash and itchiness, this oils can help against such conditions.
  • It is good for arthritis pain relief.

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6. Blue Yarrow essential oil.

Blue Yarrow essential oil is also used in Mister essential oil. It has following applications:

  • Blue yarrow oil is used in creams and lotions for the removal of scars,
  • It helps in removal of toxic substances from the body, by increasing the perspiration.
  • Being an expectorant, it clears congestion in nose, bronchi, and chest.
  • It is beneficial in maintaining the proper flow of digestive juices in the stomach. Also it works in boosting the metabolism of food.

Caution while using Mister essential oil:

There is no risk in using Mister essential oils, but you should always pay attention to how the body reacts against a new supplement. If there is some problem, you should consult a doctor.


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