What is syphilis? Is it curable or not?

what is syphilis?

Syphilis is highly infectious disease. Sexual activities are the main transmission factors. It is caused by a bacterium called Treponema pallidium. Is there any treatment or cure for this infection? The answer depends on the time that syphilis has spent in your body.

What is syphilis?

It is one of the contagious diseases from the group of sexually transmitted disease (STDs). Although a bacterium causes it, but it spreads due to sexual activities. It also passes to another person or partner through prolonged kissing and close bodily contact.

Most people with syphilis are unaware of the disease and they pass it to partner unknowingly. The anal and oral sex are also among the transmission factors of syphilis.

What is congenital syphilis?

Pregnant women with syphilis transmit the disease to their babies. This is called congenital syphilis. This would cause abnormalities in child and even can lead to death.

How long have the pregnant women been infected with syphilis? If it has infected her for long period, she has greater chances to have a stillbirth. Stillbirth means a child who has died prior to the delivery. If the child survives, he/she is likely to die shortly after birth. So, here you need to know:

How Common Is Syphilis?

Syphilis was a big health threat in older times. It usually caused blindness, brain damages, and arthritis. It defied every type of treatment until the 1940s. But now, we have progressed much in the medical field.

what is syphilis rate in world

Every year different number cases arise. For example, in 2014 the syphilis case were 19,999. The graph shows cases in older years.

Is syphilis curable or not?

Syphilis infection occurs in different stages. Every stage has its distinct symptoms. Treatment depends on how long you have the infection. If you are infected less than a year ago, Antibiotics such as penicillin can cure you. It will destroy the infection with few doses.

what is syphilis? its treatment

Those people who has infection for a long time, are bit difficult to cure. They need special care and treatments. People who are being treated for syphilis must abstain from sexual activities. For future, you should adopt preventive measures.

If syphilis is left uncured it can cause some serious problems. For example, it would cause dementia, blindness, and arthritis. Even it can lead to death.


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