What to expect after passing a kidney stone?

What to expect after passing a kidney stone?

Once you’ve passed your stones, the conditions of the kidneys start to improve. The results are even better when you follow the kidney stone diet as directed by your doctor. If you do take care of your kidneys after passing stones, the results can be like:

  • The stones might have caused scratches, swellings, and soreness in the kidneys. Now, the kidneys start healing.
  • The pain after passing kidney stone ends soon, or it may become minor and bearable at first, and then end.
  • Kidneys have many major functions in our body. After passing stones, they resume their normal functions.

One thing is important to note that stones may come back to you if you do not take care. There are generally two reasons behind this:

1. If you have got a history of kidney stones in your family, then you’re more likely to have kidney stones re-formed.

2. If you do not take care of your diet. Have kidney-friendly foods, they are actually helpful in improving kidney health.

Jayram Krishnan, MD – Urologist at sunrise Hospital and medical Centre talks about “what to expect after passing a kidney stone?” in this video.

How long does it take to recover from kidney stones?

Recovering from stone depends upon the type of treatment you had. You can have Lithotripsy, surgery or can pass it naturally (It happens when stones are small and soft).

  • If you remove stone through lithotripsy, which is the removal of stones with help of non-electrical shock waves, you can start your normal life after 24 to 48 hours.
  • Surgical treatment of stone requires relatively long time to recover. This is so because of kidneys scratches that stone would have made. Moreover, the surgery stitches also require time to recover.
  • If you could pass kidney stones naturally, you do not need to worry about recovery, you already are. However, there might be a pain if you’re still passing the stones.

Instructions to follow after passing kidney stones:

Follow the below steps to keep your kidneys healthy after passing kidney stones.

Drink more fluid: Drinking plenty of fluid is important while you’re trying to have better performance of the kidneys. It also would prevent re-formation of the stones as it flushes out the harmful toxins.

Stay active: Try to remain active and have exercise on daily basis.

Eat healthy foods: Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for kidneys, excluding few foods that you need to prevent. Limit intake of high fats dairy products.

Strain your urine for kidney stones. Straining urine let you know if you are still passing stones. If you’re not, it will relieve much of your tension.

How are medicines helpful after passing kidney stones?

Medicines are helpful as they:

  • Decrease the swelling, bleeding, soreness, and scratches soon. However, some foods may also help in relieving kidney pain.
  • Balance the electrolyte that you need.
  • Some prescribed medicine might have some side effects, if they cause some serious complication, contact your doctor immediately.

When to contact your doctor:

Immediately seek help if:

  • You feel difficulty in passing urine.
  • If you see blood in urine. It might be because of the scratches that kidney stones had caused.
  • You still have severe and unbearable pain.
  • If you’re vomiting and isn’t relieved by the medicines given by your doctor.


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